How do I know if my perfume is original?

More clandestine laboratories are working on counterfeit perfumes every year, making it extremely hard for brand customers to differentiate between the original fragrance and the fake one. However, despite the challenges faced by fragrance brands, we can help you check perfume authenticity. There are, however, other characteristics that can help you identify the original perfume.

1. The fragrance, composition, and packaging


The most apparent distinction is that fake perfume doesn’t last long, unlike the original, which can linger even after a wash.


Big brand perfumes use pale colors, visible from the outside of the bottle.

Shake the bottle and observe how long the bubbles formed will last. Original perfumes will develop tiny bubbles that will disappear almost instantly.


– The box

Packaging is at the heart of every business owner. The look of product packaging attracts consumers to pick up the product, examine it, and consider purchasing it. Quality perfumes come in high-quality boxes made with top-quality materials. The box is also reinforced to ensure that the bottle doesn’t break or incur any damage.

The box is wrapped in cellophane that perfectly adheres to the packaging. That is a thin transparent sheet on the box. If the cellophane has imperfections or is entirely missing, then what you’re holding is a complete fake.

– The width and length of the box may also be slightly different.

– The bottle

The bottle cup is screwed on tight as big companies do not allow refilling.

The bottle should be heavy, detailed, and smooth. It is made of genuine crystal or glass rather than fake plastic or glass.

2. Labeling

That is where it gets tricky but worry not. Pay close attention to where these labels are placed.

– Bar code

– Lot number

– Traceability number

These labels will always be there in original and fake perfume bottles, but fake bottles will alter the angles, positions, and location. We can help you check perfume authenticity and identify where the genuine labels should be.

– Hidden logos

in addition, keep a lookout for discreet brand logos as those are often very hard for fake companies to duplicate. Legit companies put effort into making them. They are always hidden in the box or inside the cup of the bottle.

– Print, font, and spelling

The biggest giver is spelling, which you can easily spot. Big companies invest in printing, and usually, they are unique to brands and are always even. 

In conclusion, some fake companies have duped the best of us, so be sure always to do your research on your go-to perfume and note the minor details before making your purchase. You can also seek the help of accredited companies that can check perfume authenticity on your behalf.